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1.1 - The contract that is entered into between Axor S.r.l. and the Customer is considered concluded with the acceptance, partial or whole, of the order by Axor S.r.l. This acceptance is considered tacit, unless otherwise communicated to the Customer in any way. By placing an order in the various ways provided, the Customer declares to have read and accepted all the information provided to him in the various stages of the purchase, and to accept the general and payment conditions in full.
1.2 - If the Customer is a private consumer (ie a natural person who buys the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity), once the online purchase procedure is completed, he will print or save an electronic copy and in any case keep the present general conditions of sale, in compliance with the provisions of articles 50 and following of Legislative Decree 206/05.
1.3 - Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or compensation is excluded, in addition to any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or things, caused by the non-acceptance, total or partial of an order and for each use improper use of the purchased products. All products sold by Axor Srl are CE marked, therefore before use it is the consumer's obligation to read all the safety measures indicated by the company.

1.4 - Axor S.r.l. reserves the right to cancel an order, against the return of the consideration paid by the purchaser, due to lack of availability of the material or for other reasons even in phases subsequent to payment. Furthermore, any request for compensation for the unavailability of the products is excluded. The buyer will be entitled to a refund of the total paid or will have a credit of the same amount for the choice of alternative products.

1.5 - Axor Srl is in possession of all products for which immediate availability is expressly indicated. All other products, for which the days required for shipping are estimated, are ordered from the respective suppliers upon acceptance of the order. The customer acknowledges that the planned shipping date is purely indicative and does not constitute a relationship with the customer and third parties, therefore Axor srl is not liable for delays caused by lack of availability on the part of the supplier or for any delay not directly attributable to Axor Srl. If for reasons of force majeure it is not possible to complete the order even after the indicated times, at the request of the customer Axor Srl will immediately refund the payment and cancel the order. In case of payment by bank transfer, the customer undertakes at the request of Axor srl to provide the data necessary to make the transfer of the transfer of the payment.

1.6 - Axor S.r.l. is not liable for damage caused during transport by the carrier, solely responsible for the goods transported. Any request for replacement, return or cancellation for this type of damage can be sent only if at the time of delivery any damage to the packaging has been notified to the courier via the "signed signature". Any replacement of the product will be performed only after all the checks made on the return of the defective product, no later than 14 working days (subject to availability of the substitute).


2.1 - The Customer can only purchase the products present in the online catalog of the site at the time of placing the order, as described in the relevant technical and information sheets, unless the manufacturer's improvements are made. It is not disputed that the image attached to a product description may not be perfectly identical in some of its features but may differ in color, size, accessory products shown in the figure or simply represent the series or product family. All information supporting the purchase (Glossary, Guides, etc ...) are to be understood as simple generic information material, not referable to the real characteristics of a single product. The price indicated in the product data sheets includes VAT, at the rate in force in Italy.
2.2 - The receipt of the order is confirmed by Axor S.r.l. by reply by e-mail, sent to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer. This confirmation message will contain date and time of the order and a number, to be used in any communication with Axor Srl. The message contains the data entered by the customer who undertakes to verify its correctness and communicate any corrections promptly, using any suitable means .
2.3 - In case of non-acceptance of the order, Axor S.r.l. will promptly notify the Customer.


3.1 - Credit card, debit card, prepaid card: in case of purchase of products with "Credit Card" payment method, the charge will take place at the time of order confirmation.
3.2 - Axor S.r.l. reserves the right to request additional information from the Customer (eg fixed telephone number) or to send copies of documents proving the ownership of the Card used. In the absence of the required documentation, Axor S.r.l. reserves the right not to accept the order.
3.3 - During and subsequently the purchase procedure Axor S.r.l. is able to get information about the buyer's credit card, transmitted through secure connections directly to the bank that manages the transaction. Axor S.r.l. can keep this information only in case of explicit request and consent of the customer: Axor S.r.l. guarantees that these are memorized according to certified security standards and that they are always displayed in masked mode.
3.4 - Cash on delivery: in the case of purchase with payment in Cash on delivery, an additional contribution will be applied to the total amount against the costs of handling the courier, clearly highlighted at the time of choosing the payment method. The payment, to be made directly to the courier, will take place upon delivery of the products. It is possible to pay only in cash, the courier will not deliver in case of payment by check.
3.5 - Advance bank transfer: the method of payment by means of an advance bank transfer requires that the order be processed and processed only after crediting the indicated Axor Srl current account. The necessary data are displayed on the website and in any case indicated are indicated at the time of order confirmation and in the e-mail sent to the Customer. The purpose of the bank transfer must necessarily include the order number, the name and surname of the order holder.
3.6 - Payments through PayPal Account: in the case of purchase of goods with payments through PayPal, together with the conclusion of the online transaction, PayPal will immediately charge the amount of the purchase made.
3.7 - During and after the purchase procedure Axor S.r.l. is able to learn about the customer's PayPal account, transmitted through secure connections directly to the bank that manages the transaction. Axor S.r.l. can keep this information only in case of explicit request and consent of the customer: Axor S.r.l. guarantees that these are memorized according to certified security standards and that they are always displayed in masked mode.

5.1 - According to the articles 64 and subsequent articles of Legislative Decree 206/05, if the customer is a consumer (that is, a natural person who purchases for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make the purchase indicating a reference in the order form VAT), has the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without need to provide explanations and without penalty.
5.2 - To exercise this right, the customer must, within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the products, contact Axor customer service on 0429763476 or send a communication by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, specifying that he / she wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal to:


Via dell'igianato 8, Pernumia, 35020 (PD) +39 0429763476

The customer service manager of Axor S.r.l. will indicate to the customer the methods to pay the eventual return costs referred to in point 4.7, once the product has re-entered according to the methods explained in point 4.7, Axor s.r.l. within 30 days from the return of the goods (period within which the integrity and functionality of the product and packaging will be checked), will re-credit the amount after verifying the integrity of the goods. The crediting will take place only and exclusively by bank transfer for orders previously paid by bank transfer (3.5) or cash on delivery (3.4) it will be the customer's responsibility to promptly indicate the bank details. Orders previously paid by credit card, debit card, prepaid card or PayPal account will be credited back to the respective credit card, debit card, prepaid card or PayPal account.

The goods must be returned intact and functional, complete with all its components and in the original and undamaged packaging (bags and packaging), kept and possibly used in the normal diligence, in total absence of wear or dirt.
5.3 - The right of withdrawal is subject to these conditions:
- applies to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the product purchased
- does not apply: (i) to audiovisual products or sealed software (including those attached to hardware), once opened; (ii) to products made to measure or clearly personalized.
- the purchased good must be intact and returned in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any accessory documentation); in any case, labels or adhesive tapes should not be applied directly to the original product packaging;
- the shipment and the integrity of the product, until receipt in our warehouse, is under the complete responsibility of the Customer;
- upon arrival at the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess damages, tampering and lack of parts of the same not deriving from transport. If the package and / or packaging are damaged, Axor S.r.l. will be able to withhold from the reimbursement due a percentage, no later than 10% of the same, as a contribution to the costs of restoration.
5.4 - The right of withdrawal lapses completely, due to the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the good (packaging - content), in the cases in which Axor S.r.l. finds:
- unconventional use of the good that caused the wear and tear of the property, or the use of any consumables;
- lack of external packaging, original internal packaging or part of it;
- the absence of integral elements originally attached to the product;
- damage to the product for reasons other than transportation.
In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, the goods will be made available to the Customer for collection at your expense at the headquarters of Axor S.r.l ..


All products sold by Axor S.r.l. are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and the 24-month warranty for defects of conformity, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. To use the warranty, the Customer must keep the receipt.
6.1 - The 24-month warranty pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product itself is used in a compliant manner, respecting its intended use and the provisions of the technical documentation attached. This guarantee is reserved for the private consumer (a natural person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or makes a purchase without indicating a VAT number in the order form). In the event of a lack of conformity, Axor Srl will, without charge to the Customer, indicate one or more assistance centers for repairing the discrepancy.
6.3 - The timing of repair or possible replacement of the product depends exclusively on the policies of the manufacturer and the associated service center and no damage can be claimed to Axor S.r.l. for any delays in repairs or replacements.
6.4 - Where the warranty specifications provide for the return of the product, the goods must be returned by the Customer in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc. .); to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend using a second package during packaging.

7. Communications and personal data processing

With the entry into force of Legislative Decree 196/03, laying down provisions for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, the personnel of Axor Srl, as Data Controller, is required to provide some information regarding the use of personal data.

7.1 By accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the processing of personal data in accordance with current legislation is deemed to be signed and accepted.
7.2 By accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, we also accept the receipt of communications of commercial offers through Newsletter or ordinary mail by Axor Srl. Subject to the possibility for the customer to cancel or unsubscribe at any time through a communication to the email address

7.3 The data will be processed using instruments that guarantee security and confidentiality, and the data will be processed mainly with IT tools and stored both on computer media and on paper supports and on any other type of suitable support. We also inform you that personal data will be processed in compliance with the procedures indicated in Legislative Decree 196/2003, which provides, among other things, for the data to be:

- processed lawfully and fairly;
- collected and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes;
- exact and, if necessary, updated;
- pertinent, complete and not exceeding the formalities of the treatment.

7.4 The data concerning the domicile, telephone number, email address and any additional information will be communicated to the courier chosen for the shipment to facilitate delivery. If the buyer does not want to share his phone number, he must communicate it via e-mail before the shipment is prepared.

The data processing is carried out by the person in charge and by the appointees previously appointed according to the art. 29 and 30, which operate under the control and responsibility of the Data Controller.

8. Promotions and discounts

The promotions and the discount vouchers present on cannot be combined with each other unless otherwise indicated.


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